Vigo Crystal Chandelier
from $1,398.55
Vigo Crystal Chandelier
This chandelier is not only something worth seeing but hearing and feeling as well. The magnificent crystals are the best example of our luxurious finish and design. Only the finest crystals and materials were used in the making of this...
from $1,398.55
Vigo Crystal Dining Room Chandelier
 This crystal chandelier is a statement piece for your dining room. The Vigo Crystal Dining Room Chandelier has a timeless design that will never go out of style. With premium crystals and a modern look, this chandelier will add a...
from $1,289.00
Vigo Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier
 This stunning flush mount crystal chandelier is perfect even for low ceilings. With black accents and beautiful crystal detailing, this chandelier is sure to add some elegance to your home. Perfect for foyers, dining rooms and more. Add some glamor...
from $1,289.00
Vigo Crystal Wall Sconce
 Add sophistication and class to your home with this wall sconce. This structural lamp is a versatile piece that can be used in both casual and formal indoor settings. With crystal accents, this piece really sparkles.  Material: Stainless Steel, K9 Crystal...
Vigo 12" Crystal Chandelier
Brighten up your living space with this magnificent chandelier. The 12" Vigo Modern Chandelier, made of clear crystals and stainless steel, has a sophisticated design that will be the centrepiece of your room. Perfect for your kitchen island or dining room, this...
Vigo Rectangle Chandelier, Black
It's a chandelier. It's a sculpture. It's both of these things and more. The Vigo Collection Chandelier is the perfect fusion of sleek design and old-world flair. In fact, it's the perfect way to bring a touch of European color...
from $1,189.00
Vigo Collection Crystal Chandelier
This chandelier is style, durability, and high performance seamlessly combined. Beautifully proportioned, stylish asymmetrical lines tailor it to any type of decor, from contemporary to vintage or industrial. The handmade crystals give off a warm glow, of the kind that makes...
from $1,495.00
24" Vigo Crystal Chandelier
 Delicate and dazzling, this handmade crystal chandelier will add twinkling glamor to any room. Hang it in your dining room for a touch of luxury, or above your bed for a touch of romance. No matter where you place it,...
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