• How To Improve Your Mood with the Right Light Temperature

    How To Improve Your Mood with the Right Light Temperature
    1. What is light temperature? Whenever you turn on a light, you're actually controlling the light temperature. The type of lightbulb you choose will determine the temperature of light that's emitted. There are three categories of lightbulbs: Warm, Cool, and Daylight. Warm bulbs emit a softer, yellow-toned light, while cool bulbs emit a brighter, bluer light. Daylight bulbs are the most natural, resembling sunlight...
  • Why We Love Wall Sconces

    Why We Love Wall Sconces
    Why We Love Wall Sconces Wall sconces serve two main purposes: to illuminate and to save space. These adaptable light fixtures allow you to control lighting in small areas like corridors or foyers while keeping the area clear of portable fixtures. Wall sconces are popular among decorators, homeowners, and contractors because they are suitable for interior and exterior spaces and look wonderful in both...
  • Beautiful Modern Chandelier Lights That Create Glamorous Interiors

    There’s nothing that says glamour quite like a chandelier. Multi-armed, multi-faceted and glittering, their traditional homes in entrance foyers and over dining tables make quite the impression. We’ve put together modern takes on the chandelier, built in a variety of materials and décor styles. Hang a silver chandelier that forms a straight line, with LEDs through their centres. Build a chandelier from desk lamps,...
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