Vigo Crystal Chandelier
from $1,398.55
Vigo Crystal Chandelier
This chandelier is not only something worth seeing but hearing and feeling as well. The magnificent crystals are the best example of our luxurious finish and design. Only the finest crystals and materials were used in the making of this...
from $1,398.55
Nera Modern Ring Chandelier
 What savvy homeowner doesn’t want to create an artful, memorable impression when guests arrive? And what designer doesn’t yearn to create an attention-grabbing centerpiece for a room? This ring chandelier delivers on both counts. A truly modern yet sophisticated piece,...
from $895.00
Bacci Crystal Wall Sconce - Chrome
Give your walls a new glow with this Bacci wall sconce. This piece features handmade crystals that reflect light and will provide your room with a dramatic look. These wall sconces are perfect for the home, office, or event space....
from $385.00
Lazzo Modern Crystal Chandelier
The ultimate in modern chic, this chandelier will give your space a touch of luxury. This chandelier is the perfect addition to any room that needs a little sparkle.  Material: Gold Electroplated Stainless Steel, Crystal Light Source: G9 LED Bulbs (Included) Dimmable: Yes Chandelier...
from $885.36
Specchio Flush Mount Chandelier - Gold
This is elegance, this is simplicity, this is quality craftsmanship. And this is far more than a crystal chandelier. This is a Gio chandelier. We take pride in every last detail, from the intricate craftsmanship of its metal frame to the...
from $799.00
Lazzo Dining Room Chandelier
The Lazzo Dining Room Chandelier serves as a gorgeous addition to any dining space. Handcrafted with real crystals, the chandelier integrates seamlessly into existing decor. Perfect for both homes and restaurants, the Lazzo Dining Room Chandelier will add a touch...
from $969.00
Bacci Crystal Chandelier, Black
Premium quality stainless steel and K9 clear crystals marry in this modern design piece. Hang this lamp over a dining table, in the bedroom, or anywhere you need a moody and dramatic touch.  Bacci Crystal Wheel Chandelier is a designer's dream. It...
from $997.30
Moonshade Natural Marble Modern Chandelier
 An alluring chandelier handcrafted from real Spanish marble and stainless steel will add a touch of luxury to any space and impress for years to come. This is the perfect piece to set the tone of a modern interior.  The design is minimalistic,...
from $772.80
Gio Crystal Dining Room Chandelier, Polished Chrome
 This classic crystal chandelier was brought back to life and is now ready to make a timeless statement in your dining room, foyer or living room. Our Gio crystal chandelier will perfectly complement a variety of design styles and cultures....
from $1,089.00
Cadena Flush Mount Chain Tassel Chandelier
 The first impression this chain tassel chandelier leaves is a very strong one. The ring chandelier will delight the most fashion-conscious audience. It’s a statement piece, a classic masterpiece that’s also filled with playfulness. The best part is it never...
from $989.00
Orion Crystal Villa Chandelier
The Orion is one of our most popular chandeliers, and it lives up to its reputation. This chandelier is a statement piece that features clear crystals with a brushed black finish, drape detailing and light. Whether your home requires a statement...
from $1,195.00
Verano Crystal Dining Room Chandelier - Black
 Dazzle your guests with this stunning chandelier. With its contemporary design and dazzling crystals, this chandelier is sure to make a statement in any room. It's also dimmable, so you can create the perfect mood for any occasion. Perfect for...
from $1,189.00
Moonshade Natural Marble Wall Sconce - Black
 The Moonshade Natural Marble Wall Sconce casts a warm, ambient light that is perfect for any room in your home. This sconce is handmade from natural marble, and each one is unique. The modern design is perfect for any décor,...
Bari Crystal Chandelier, Black
 Create a stunning focal point in any room with this modern chandelier. The black branches are adorned with crystal cubes that sparkle and shine when hit with light. Perfect for a dining room, living room or entryway, this chandelier is...
from $998.00
Bacci Modern Crystal Dining Room Chandelier - Gold
  Dine in luxury with this Bacci Crystal Dining Room Chandelier. This chandelier is crafted with beautiful crystals that will add a touch of elegance to any dining room. The crystals catch the light and create a stunning sparkle that...
from $785.00
Vigo Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier
 This stunning flush mount crystal chandelier is perfect even for low ceilings. With black accents and beautiful crystal detailing, this chandelier is sure to add some elegance to your home. Perfect for foyers, dining rooms and more. Add some glamor...
from $1,289.00
Bergamo Crystal Wall Sconce
 This crystal wall sconce radiates style and elegance in any decor. A welcome addition to any room in your home, this crystal wall sconce will not disappoint. The crystals are handcrafted to be both beautiful and durable. The crystals are...
from $489.00
Nera Wall Sconce
The ultimate in modern chic, this wall sconce will give your space a touch of luxury. This sconce is the perfect addition to any room that needs a little sparkle. This design has a stainless steel and copper finish and will blend...
Argento Crystal Ring Modern Chandelier
Introducing the Argento Crystal Ring Modern Chandelier. Inspired by luxurious, eclectic, modern design, this chandelier is made with dazzling crystals and features an open style. Hang this light in your dining room, foyer or bedroom to give your space a...
Moonshade Natural Marble Sconce
These beautiful wall sconces are handmade from natural marble. The warm, earthy tones of the marble will complement any room. Hung alone or in combinations, these sconces are the perfect way to add some natural beauty to your home.  Marble sconces...
from $328.00
Cadena Aluminum Chain Tassel Wall Sconce
 This eye-catching wall sconce is just what your space needs. A little bit of glamor can go a long way, and this modern wall sconce is proof. With its sleek aluminum design and dazzling chain tassel, it's sure to add...
Bacci Crystal Pendant Lighting Fixture
Fall deeply in love with this crystal pendant chandelier. You'll want to display it in your living room, dining room, foyer, hallway, and any other space you can think of. The crystals provide soft illumination throughout your home, while sturdy construction...
from $258.00
Bergamo Crystal Dining Room Chandelier
The perfect way to make any dining room even more beautiful, this chandelier will add an almost magical touch to your décor. Featuring a unique shape that looks as if it's made entirely of crystals, this stunning piece will be...
Bergamo 3-Tier Crystal Ring Chandelier
The perfect way to make any room even more beautiful, this chandelier will add an almost magical touch to your décor. Featuring a unique shape that looks as if it's made entirely of crystals, this stunning piece will be a...
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