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Moonshade Natural Marble Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,859.00 Regular price$2,299.00
Lazzo Modern Crystal Chandelier
Sale price$1,255.28 Regular price$1,589.70
Vigo Crystal Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,398.55
Cadena Modern Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $425.06 Regular price$498.00
Capri 2-Tier Crystal Ring Chandelier
Sale price$1,179.00 Regular price$1,395.80
Albero Crystal Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,462.30 Regular price$1,989.00
Gio Crystal Chandelier, Polished Chrome
Sale priceFrom $1,385.00 Regular price$1,584.95
Villano Calcite Crystal Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,689.00

3 colors available

Bergamo Crystal Modern Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,489.00
Rossini Flush Mount Crystal Ceiling Light Fixture
Sale price$989.50 Regular price$1,397.20
Gio Flush Mount Chandelier, Black
Sale priceFrom $1,089.95 Regular price$1,389.00
Gio Crystal Chandelier, Polished Gold
Sale priceFrom $1,389.95 Regular price$1,689.50
Albero Collection Modern Chandelier By Morsale
Sale priceFrom $1,462.30 Regular price$1,989.00
Monte Crystal Wheel Chandelier
Sale price$1,579.40 Regular price$1,858.00
Multi Pendant Modern Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,385.89
Natural Marble Modern Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $1,589.30
Roma Crystal Ring Chandelier
Sale priceFrom $698.00 Regular price$989.00

2 colors available

Villa 2-Tier Crystal Chandelier
Sale price$1,789.95
Bacci Crystal Modern Chandelier, Gold
Sale priceFrom $1,589.50 Regular price$1,958.00
Vanci Crystal Dandelion Modern Chandelier
Sale price$989.00 Regular price$1,225.00
Cadena Chain Tassel Chandelier
Sale price$1,289.00
Specchio Crystal Ceiling Light
Sale priceFrom $799.00

2 colors available

Customize Your Home's Lighting: From Kitchen Islands to Bedroom Ceilings

At Morsale, we understand the importance of personalization in lighting design, which is why we offer customers the opportunity to customize their light fixtures. Whether you're looking to create a focal point with contemporary chandeliers or enhance your kitchen island with modern lights, our wide range of lighting styles ensures you'll find the perfect match for your home. From recessed lighting to mount lights, and task lighting to bedroom ceiling lights, our customizable options cater to every need.