Lazzo Crystal Dining Room Chandelier

The Lazzo Dining Room Chandelier serves as a gorgeous addition to any dining space. Handcrafted with real crystals, the chandelier integrates seamlessly into existing decor. Perfect for both homes and restaurants, the Lazzo Dining Room Chandelier will add a touch of sparkle and charm to any room.

Type: Ceiling Chandelier

Material: Stainless Steel, K9 Crystal

Light Source: G9 LED Bulbs

Wire Length:  Up To 40" (Adjustable)

Size M: Length 35" 

Size L: Length 50"

Finish: Polished, Electroplated

Voltage: AC110-240V

Warranty: 2 Years

Installation Type: Pendant Mount

Application: Dining Room, Kitchen Island


About K9 Crystals:

 K9 is an Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal (Optically Clear) with low inclusions and imperfections ideal for use in decorative crystal lighting. It has good physical properties and can be polished similar to lead crystal, weighing approximately 15 percent less than full leaded crystal having a lead content of only 10 percent. K9 crystal offers a high refractive index and high clarity making it a great option for the manufacture of high-end chandeliers offering both durability and excellent quality.

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