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Basic Types Of Flatware -

Basic Types Of Flatware

  Get to know the different types of flatware available in the market today to make an informed choice for making perfect dinner presentations.

Early man used knives made of sharpened stones and bone as an all-in-one tool for hunting, as a weapon, and also for eating. These sharp primitive knives decorated with feathers, jewels, and carved designs were present at the dining table until the Middle Ages when forks became in vogue. Then France’s Louis XIV in 1669 banned these overly sharp knives on the table and replaced them with blunter ones. Stainless steel knives came around during the 20th century.

Spoon comes from the Anglo-Saxon word spon which means “a splinter or chip of wood” because primitive spoons were carved from wood, bone, stone, shell, and other materials. They existed in ancient Egypt, India, and both the Greek and Roman cultures used spoons with pointed stems for eating soups. The design of the spoon evolved throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods and gained its modern look from the 18th century.

Forks existed during the ancient times but they were two-pronged and only used for cooking and serving food because using them for eating was considered an affront to God. Venetians in the 11th century believed that the Lord gifted men with fingers as natural forks. Ancient Egyptians, however, used the first table forks while the Qijia culture during 2400-1900 BC also used forks. It was Italy’s Catherine de Medici during the 16th century that made forks popular with the French tables.


Salad Forks

Salad forks are one of the most common types of forks that you will find in silverware sets. You can purchase sets of salad forks specifically as well. If you know anything about proper table etiquette, then you are aware that certain types of forks, spoons, and knives are meant to serve particular purposes. In this case, salad forks are meant for eating salad.

Your average person doesn’t slavishly adhere to these dining etiquette rules, though. You will find that most people use salad forks for eating literally anything that a person would normally use a fork for. These forks are well made and large enough to work for many purposes. You should always have several good salad forks in your kitchen that are ready for use.

Dinner Forks

As you might expect from the name, dinner forks are meant to be the main type of fork that people use for their meals. Dinner forks are large enough to easily use for eating primary courses where meat is the main focus. You will want to have plenty of dinner forks in your kitchen as this is what you are going to be using the most often out of any of your silverware. Buying sets of dinner forks won’t cost you too much money so you will be able to get plenty of them at an affordable price.

Most dinner forks are made with a nice solid steel design. You will be able to make good use of a set of these types of dinner forks for many years. You might find these forks in a set of other dinner utensils as well so you should seek out the best option to suit your needs.

Dessert Forks

There are forks that are meant specifically for eating desserts and owning some of them can definitely be beneficial. You might want to adhere to the fine dining etiquette principles and use the proper silverware for the right dishes. You also might just find that dessert forks are quite convenient for enjoying a good dessert. Either way, you will be able to find beautiful sets of dessert forks at very good prices.

If you want to have the most convenient fork possible for enjoying a tasty treat, then you will want to have some dessert forks in your silverware drawer. They are made very solidly and will stand the test of time for you. You can use these quality pieces of silverware for many years so you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase a good set of these. They will prove themselves useful and you will be happy to have them in your kitchen.

Table Knife 

Knives are really important because you need to be able to cut your food properly. Using the right night for the situation at hand really does make things a lot easier. You’re going to want to have several table knives in your silverware drawer as these will be the knives that you use for every meal. These are going to be perfect for helping you to eat your meal as easy as possible.

Having an actual table knife will be very useful. Some people make the mistake of using duller butter knives for everyday eating purposes and the results are mixed at best. Buying a quality table knife set is highly recommended. You will enjoy how convenient they are for cutting your food and they will look nice on your dinner table.

Steak Knife

You will find that steak knives are some of the most common types of silverware that you will see in department stores. These are very important to have as you need them to cut through tough cuts of meat. Having a good steak knife set is going to make your dining experience much easier and these knives will come in handy for other meal purposes as well. You should be able to find a set that has many different sizes of steak knives if that is what you would like.

People often like to give sets of steak knives as gifts as well. Having a good set of knives really matters so you will want to take the time to pick out the best set to suit your needs. There are many fine steak knives on the market so you shouldn’t have trouble tracking down a set that is both durable and visually pleasing.


Almost every household will have some teaspoons sitting in their silverware drawers. These types of spoons are usually used for stirring drinks and eating foods that are fairly soft. You will want to have some of these spoons around for when you need them but you may not use them for every meal. Anyone who drinks tea or coffee knows that they come in handy quite regularly for stirring drinks and mixing in various creamers.

Teaspoons will come with just about any silverware set variety pack. You can also purchase teaspoons specifically in sets if you would like. Owning a set of teaspoons is imperative so you will want to make sure that you have access to some.



The tablespoon is something that you will use more commonly for everyday eating purposes. This is the spoon that most people around the globe use for their meals. Average people use it to eat just about anything that would require a spoon so you will definitely want to have plenty of these in your kitchen. They will be useful for eating everything from breakfast cereal to soup.

Finding really nice sets of tablespoons is easy too. You will be able to get a set of these spoons that will look gorgeous on your dinner table. Simply look around for a set that has the eye-catching qualities you are looking for. It won’t take you long to find a set of spoons that will match up perfectly with your other sets of silverware.

Dessert Spoon

Dessert spoons are something that you will want to use specifically to eat your desserts. In fine dining, people use dessert spoons to eat custards and other types of soft desserts. They’re made to help make eating dessert as simple as possible and many of the dessert spoons that you can purchase look really nice too. If you want to have a nice set of spoons to impress your dinner guests, then it’s appropriate to make sure that you have some dessert spoons as well.

You will notice how dessert spoons differ from regular spoons as soon as you examine them. They have these little edges that make eating your dessert simpler. You can buy sets of dessert spoons from most major retailers so they won’t be difficult to find.



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